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Meet The Novela Neurotech Team

Ray Iskander

CEO & Cofounder

Peter Carlen, MD, FRCPC

Chief Medical Officer

Dimitri Volkmann

Chief Platform Officer

Berj Bardakjian, PhD

Senior Director
Algorithms & ML

Salam Gabran, PhD

Director Engineering
Technical Cofounder

Shelly Fan, PhD

Director Communications
& Alliances

Parisa Sabetian, PhD

Program Manager
Pre-Clinical (R&D)

Mark Valentine

SVP Bus Dev, Regulatory
& Intellectual Property

Marcin Bukowski

Director Software Engineering

Francois Binette, PhD

Senior Medtech Advisor

Fivos Panetsos, PhD

Director, Health Research Institute, San Carlos Clinical Hospital (IdISSC)

Jose Velazquez, PhD

Senior Neuroscientist

Novela Neurotech is a company whose goal is to simplify and accelerate the discovery and development of next-generation neurological treatments.

Join us on our exciting journey of Neurological Discovery Accelerated

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