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Introducing Dynamiceuticals

A Dynamic Personalized Medicine

that uses the existing knowledge of brain Dynamics combined with non-pharmaceutical therapeutic treatment. Dynamiceuticals goal is to “learn” best treatment modality from every individual and provide a “targeted” treatment for neurological disorders.

Neureka™ – A Personalized Dynamiceutical Platform

Neureka™ – Automatic data collection combined with data sharing & exchange capabilities enables collaboration across multiple teams to unlock valuable therapeutic insights.

Easier, Richer, Faster – Data

Novela’s Neureka™ Platform Based on “Dynamiceuticals”

The Next Stage in Personalized Medicine

Accelerates the development and translation from bench to bedside, of closed-loop approaches and interventions that alleviate chronic or neurodegenerative conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, Severe Depression and Opioid addiction.

Our focus is to simplify and automate data collection, quality and privacy controls and sharing and analysis. Neureka™ is an enabling factor for the development and rapid evaluation of new interventions via pre-clinical and clinical trials, and a practical asset for collecting Real World Evidence (RWE) on the effectiveness of existing treatments.